Welcome to the Hammam

Hidden in the depths of the former Bijlmer prison, there is a hammam. A long row of old cells is now equipped for the ancient cleansing ritual. Through some elegant interventions, these cells have now been transformed into steam- and sauna cabins, scrub rooms, and silent spaces. Behind these heavy prison doors, you will have the chance to completely come back to your senses, through steaming, sweating, scrubbing, and meditating. Come to the hammam for a thorough cleansing of both body and spirit.

We are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12-18h. Please make a reservation on beforehand via info@bijlmerhammam.nl.

All three days are mixed. We do not have a men or women-only day, but you can rent out the entire hammam starting from 4 people. We advise you not to take a shower, or only shortly, before you will visit the hammam, and especially not to use any shower gels.

The hammam is part of the Tijdelijk Museum (Temporary Museum).



Our traditional Syrian hammam treatment costs €35,- and will take about 45 minutes. This treatment includes a full body scrub and a short oil massage.

Upon arrival, you will receive a hammam towel and hammam shoes. Tip: take a bottle of water with you.

It is obligatory to make a reservation, you can do this by sending an e-mail to info@bijlmerhammam.nl.


It’s also possible to undergo an XL treatment. You will be be taken care of by Husam Abo Alshaar or Nasreen Al Naser. They will give you a full body scrub and a full body massage. This type of treatment takes about an hour and costs 55 euro.

Making a reservation is obligatory. Mail to info@bijlmerhammam.nl.


Access to the hammam with a DIY treatment? Our budget option is made for you. For €17,50 you can use our steam- and sauna cabin, have unlimited access to the cold plunge, and to reading all the scribbles of the former detainees. A bath towel and a scrub glove will be waiting for you. We do appreciate a reservation, but it's possible to stop by spontaneously. However, the planned treatments will be given priority over your DIY tour by the cells.


We have a number of special extra possibilities.

For instance, you can combine a visit to the hammam with a boat ride on the Amstel river. In this case, you will start at Mediamatic (close to the Central Station) on a journey with Rederij Lampedusa (www.rederijlampedusa.nl) who will take you to the hammam.

Please note that this option is only possible from 6, up to a maximum of 12 persons. Take into account that the boat ride will take around an hour, and the steaming and scrubbing another hour at least. Complete relaxation guaranteed.

You can also combine a visit to the hammam with a dinner party at our neighbors, the The Refugee Company, in their restaurant ‘A Beautiful Mess’, or spend a night in The Movement Hotel.


  • Lama Gharib

    Hammam Specialist

  • Nasreen AlNaser

    Hammam Specialist

  • Mohammed Al Masri


  • Teun Castelein

    Customer Service / Maintenance


The Bijlmer Hammam is situated in the former Bijlmer Bajes - officially called Penitentiary Amsterdam Over-Amstel - at the H.J.E. Wenckebackweg 48, 1096AN Amsterdam. The hammam is part of the Temporary Museum and Lola Lik.

If you would like to know more, please contact us at info@bijlmerhammam.nl. If all else fails, you can try to reach us at +31658899966.

How to reach us

How to reach the hammam:

Please note that the entrance of the hammam is not on the side of the asylum center, but on the other side of the building.

Are you traveling by public transport?
The easiest option is to take a metro to Spaklerweg. If you leave the station through the eastern exit, you see five monumental towers at your right hand. A narrow, asphalt path runs parallel to the metro line, next to the water. Take this path until the end, and then turn left twice. You are now at the entrance of the former prison.

Are you traveling by bike?
Bike towards metro station Spaklerweg and ride through the station. At your right hand side you see five monumental towers of the former Bijlmer Bajes. You also see the entrance of the asylum centre, but the entrance of the hammam is at the other side, the south side, of the buildings. Please go around the towers to end up at the other side, and park your bike at the reception.

Are you traveling by car?
The hammam can easily be reached from the Ring A10, by taking exit S111. You can park free of charge in the parking garage right in front of the entrance. Will you come out of the direction of Utrecht or The Hague, please turn right at the traffic lights, take the second exit of the roundabout, take the first road on your left, turn with the curve to the right, and then turn left into the parking garage. Will you come from Zaandam / Almere, please turn left at the first traffic lights, and directly at the next traffic lights to the right, take the second exit of the roundabout, the first road on your left, turn with the curve to the right, and then enter the garage on the left.

Inside the building:
At the reception you take the stairs (on the right hand side, around the corner) to the second floor. Then go straight ahead and you will end up in an anonymous office hall. At the end of this hall, there are two doors you can go through - welcome to the hammam!


The Bijlmer Hammam is an art project / initiative of Stichting de Gelukzoekers, a non-profit foundation led by artist Teun Castelein and entrepeneur Mohammed Al Masri.
Through the hammam, new forms of integration are being sought, in which newcomers and locals get in touch in a refreshing manner. The Bijlmer Hammam is the second initiative of Stichting de Gelukzoekers, after Lampedusa Cruises (www.rederijlampedusa.nl).

Thank you very much